Yossi Kaplan Interview – How To Make a Million Dollars Investing in Toronto Condos


“How to Make a Million Dollars investing in Toronto Condos”.

Yossi Kaplan, a Toronto Real Estate investor and licensed agent often tells his clients, “the money is made when you buy, not when you sell”. Why is that? “because if you want to make a high return on your condo investment you cannot afford walking into a condo sales centre and buy whatever deal they are selling you. It’s not a deal. The real deals are only available when you are connected to the right network of investors and agents. Those types of deals are not advertised. They happen very quickly, and only those who are connected to the source, and that are ready to pull the trigger will make the money.”

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How does one comes across and acquires these deals then?

“Simple” says Kaplan, “Sign to our investor newsletter. When the announcement comes, you’ll have a day to a week to get your bid in. In our last sale, we did 83 units in under 2 hours. There were over 325 requests, so only about one in four buyers got to make the money. Those who did, worked the system flawlessly”. Kaplan adds, “The only way to make a million dollars investing in Toronto Condos is to be informed, ready, and act when the deal comes along. Too many people hesitate. They don’t make it to the million dollar mark. I know of many investors that make a great living buying these special deals and they all follow one simple rule: they grab the deal when it’s presented, beating everyone else to it. Those who hesitate or buy retail, pay a higher price, creating a nice profit margin for us professional investors.”

So What is Needed to Make that Million Dollars?

“You must focus on buying condos that will results in maximum appreciation in the shortest time and generate the highest cash flows. Those are not always the cheapest condos, there are many factors coming into play and that’s what I am here for, to sort it all out and to point out those investments that in our opinion will yield the highest appreciation with the best cash flows.“

Give us an example.

“Sure. Take for example a deal I’m working on now, it’s called South Hill on Madison”. It’s a mid-priced condo investment at the highly sought after area of Casa Loma. The developer has set aside a number of investor units, which are well priced, set for quick appreciation and have a rent guarantee of $3.50/sq ft. for three years. That means that if you purchased 800sq ft unit, you’ll get paid $2,800/mo. for 36 consecutive months, $100,800 in total. There are no deductions or fees here. It’s one of the best possible investments I’ve ever seen”. Kaplan continues, “simply calculated you’re looking at 13-14% return” and adds, “bearing many factors and a page-long disclaimer”. Purchase one or more of those and repeat the process 5-10 times and you’ve grossed a million bucks”.

So Anyone can do this?

“Yes. However, remember the real deals are rare bc we can only discount a few units, and the rest of the market pays retail “.

Are there other Types of Condo Investments?

Assignments. I’ve been selling them for over a decade and they are amazing. Imagine someone purchased a condo four years back at a 15-25% less than what it’s worth now. For some reason they need to get rid of it. I’ll connect you with them to get them out of the deal, and you will enjoy the appreciation. Bam! you’ve just made $30-75,000. Add the appreciation that comes with a new building in the years to come and you’re looking at serious profits. I’ve seen investors make up to $250,000 on a single condo this way. Do a few of those and you’re on your way to a million.”

Anything else?

“Never sell unless you have to. Refinance the appreciation and reinvest. Keep a burning focus on high yield properties and always have an expert Real Estate agent on your side”.


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