Toronto Realtor Predicts 15% Increase in Condo Prices for 2019


Toronto Realtor Predicts 15% Increase in Condo Prices for 2019


Friends, 2019 is going to be a tough one. The prices of Toronto Condos (and homes) is about to increase by 15% in the coming year. Actually, it has already begun.


Let me explain the forces in work here:

First, our currency devaluates daily, within itself (by way of over printing money and  increasing National Debt), and externally, as the CAD is dropping against the USD. That may be good for exports, but terrible for you and me, as foreign buyers of Canadian Real Estate are getting a huge discount on their investments.


Second, Real Estate is the last and only instrument that can help you and me hedge against #1. When tenants are paying us fixed monthly rents, we are able to control our investments and plan our financial advancements accordingly.


Last, who do you trust!? Do you trust the banks? Do you trust the stock market? Do you know what these executives are doing with your hard earned money? Go to the fancy restaurants on Bay and Wall streets to find out. Yes, perhaps not all companies are wasteful, but who do we know? What we do know is, that when we own a home, we got the keys, and we are the CEOs of our own company, that is, the property we own.


What Can you do about this? You can invest in Real Estate. Invest smartly, invest with caution, get good advice, and do what it takes to manage your investment efficiently to maximize your returns.


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    Yossi Kaplan is a Toronto Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Agent and a Real Estate investor. Call Yossi with any question regarding investing in and selling your Toronto Real Estate.

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