Rental Guarantee Investing – How Does it Work? [VIDEO]

What is is and How Does it Work?

Positive Cashflows for Investing in Toronto Real Estate.

You’ve seen me posting and emailing about Rental Guarantee Deals. If you’re one of the smart ones and you have already taken advantage of our program, you’re doing great.

For those who are new to the concept and need more info, this post is for you:

What is a Rental Guarantee?

A Rental Guarantee is a Real Estate investment where an investor purchases a property, and the Developer leases the unit back from the purchaser, for an agreed amount of time/rent. The Developer then sub-leases the unit to someone else. The entire process is easy for the purchasers (buyers). Purchasers are guaranteed rental income for 2 or 3 years, and need not worry about tenants, collecting rents or doing any tenant related work.

Rent Guarantee in Point Form:

  • Developer offers a limited number of units for the program
  • Each unit comes with Rental Guarantee
  • Buyers get 2 to 3 years of GUARANTEED RENTAL INCOME
  • Rate varies, usually $3 to $4/sq ft (indoors)
  • It’s real money paid to you, it’s not a discount
  • The units are managed for you
  • You DO NOT need to find a tenant
  • You DO NOT need to collect rents
  • NO fees to owners
  • Collect your funds, lets someone else pay for your investment!
  • Enjoy Positive Cash Flows and Appreciation!

Past deals we’ve done:

East Fifty Five Condos – 55 Ontario Street

Axium Condos on Adelaide St. East

155 RedPath – Rental Guarantee

South Hill on Madison Ave – Rental Guarantee

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