Nobu 2-Bedroom Condos For Sale

Nobu Residences - Condos for Sale by Yossi Kaplan

Two Bedroom Condo For Sale @ Nobu Condos 15 – 35 Mercer St.

Are you looking for a two bedroom condo at Nobu Condos?

The 2-bed condos at Nobu Residences come in a few varieties. Some plans are in the Podium floors, and others are in the tower. The two bedroom units are available in sizes range from approx. 650sq ft to near 900sqft.

The overall design is nice and clean, and the two bedroom units offer good value at mid-range prices.

About Nobu Condos

The Nobu is Toronto’s leading “Lifestyle Condo”, taking on by storm properties such as Toronto Shangri-La, The Ritz-Carlton Toronto and Thompson Residences.

The property is considered prime downtown real estate. It holds the Nobu Condos, a hotel, a restaurant, and features an open-air pool on the rooftop of the podium.

Investors at Nobu can expect premium on prices and matching rents. This is not your “bread and butter” condo, but rather a celebrity-endorsed, unique designer lifestyle residence, encapsulating the best in hospitality right inside it.

Scroll below to get a sample of the units available and contact us for current prices & availability.

Nobu Condos Floorplan 2-Bedroom Condo For Sale - contact Yossi Kaplan
Nobu Residences Two Bedroom 692sqft
Nobu Residences - 2-Bed 799 sqft FLOORPLAN
Nobu Residences Two Bedroom 799sqft

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Nobu Condos on Mercer St.


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