VIDEO: How To Invest in 155 Redpath Condos

Learn how to invest in 155 Redpath Condos.

In this video, Yossi Kaplan clearly explains every aspect of the deal at 155 Redpath Condos, including:

  • Location and what is about to happen in the area?
  • What is “The Freed Factor”?
  • Why some investments do really well and some do not?
  • What are the factors that make 155 Redpath such an attractive investment?
  • What is a Rental Guarantee?
  • What “Fully Managed” and “100% Rents to You” mean?
  • What happens if you’d like to assign your unit before closing?
  • How does the ROI sample work?
  • Which floorplans are the best? Which floorplan to pick?
  • The amenities of the building, why they are unique?
  • How to use a worksheet?
  • How to ensure you get a unit in another anticipated sold-out project?

So grab yourself a warm mug of coffee or tea, sit back and press Play.

You’ll be glad you watched this video! It’s filled with real-life info. Only facts, and no fluff. Let Yossi walk you through the process of investing in Toronto Condos as he has done for well over a decade, and see how you too can become a successful, it’s not that complicated.

We recommend you download and print (if you can) the investor package, then make notes on it while you are watching the video.

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The Sale in on Thursday, October 9th.

Please send in your worksheet before the sale. It will help us get you the units you are looking for. You do not want to start thinking about picking a unit during the sale. There is a limited number of units and we always sell out. Be prepared, ask all your questions now, then smile, we’re investing!




Download Investor Package [click]

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Download 155 Redpath price list, floorplans, renderings and more.


Yossi Kaplan is a Toronto Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Agent and a Real Estate investor. Call Yossi with any question regarding investing in and selling your Toronto Real Estate.

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