Bitcoin Seminar for Investor w/ Yossi [Full Seminar]

On Jan 31st, 2018 I gave this seminar to an audience of investors and enthusiasts. The topic is huge, and we covered a lot of ground. The entire seminar is here for you to enjoy and share. Use the form below to reach out.



  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Is it a Bubble or For Real? (bet you want to know this one!)
  • Best ways to buy and sell Bitcoin
  • What is Bitcoin Cash and is it good to buy?
  • How to safeguard my Bitcoin from hackers?
  • Which is Better: Bitcoin, Ripple or Ethereum?
  • Bitcoin vs. Toronto Real Estate: Which is a Better Investment?
  • What is an ICO? Is better then buying Bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin Predictions 2018 – 2020



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    Disclaimer: My personal and subjective stories and opinions – certainly not Trading or Financial advice.



    Yossi Kaplan is a Toronto Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Agent and a Real Estate investor. Call Yossi with any question regarding investing in and selling your Toronto Real Estate.

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