27 Toronto Million Dollar Listings [ Video ]

Toronto’s Top Million Dollar Listings by Yossi Kaplan, MBA

Toronto’s Top 27 Million Dollar Listings!!

OK friends, today we dive deep and take a look at the best twenty seven of Toronto’s best million dollar listings on the market now.

To create this post, I reviewed over 220 current Toronto condo listings, priced at $995,000 to $1,200,000. I then marked the top listings and saved the top 27 listings. I then created the video above, saved all the info and here’s the post!

If you have any questions about Toronto Real Estate, looking to get a quick estimate, or want more info on any of the showcased listings, contact me here.

Million Dollar Listings | Yorkville

Yorkville is Toronto’s most expensive neighbourhood to buy a condo. The Average PSF in Yorkville is high, and it keep moving up. Buying a Yorkville condo means status, riches and financial ability. It is also practical, mainly because Yonge and Bloor is the only place you could catch both subway line in town.

Here are my pics of the best Million Dollar Listings in Yorkville, on the market right now:

1 Bloor St E Unit 6705 | One Bloor

1555 Avenue Rd Unit 504 | 1555 Ave.

128 Pears Ave Unit 305 | Pears on Avenue

  • $1,080,000
  • https://yossi.searchrealty.co/homes/on/toronto-c02/trebvowresac4415358/128-pears-ave-unit-305-toronto-c02-on-m5r1t2

77 Avenue Rd Unit 615 | 77 Ave.

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Million Dollar Listings | Financial District

Toronto’s Financial District serves executives, managers, lawyers and the like. People work here tend to work long hours, and they need a good place to call home that serves two purposes: a good investment, and a good home.

Here are Toronto’s Financial District’s top million dollar listings, available for sale right now:

224 King St W Unit 2403 | Theatre Park

355 King St W Unit 5107 | Blue Condos

90 Sherbourne St Unit 102 | 90 Sherbourne

6 Wellesley Pl Unit 23 | Wellesley Place

1 Market St Unit 2703 | St. Lawerence Market

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Million Dollar Listings | Entertainment District

Toronto’s Entertainment District offers a great selection of million dollar listings of condos for sale. The density, is high, and so is the quality. Investors looking to acquire properties in the Entertainment District can (and should) be selective, and get the top professional to help them along the way (Yossi).

Here is our current selection of million dollar condos for sale in the Entertainment District:

438 King St W Unit 1313 | Charlie Condos

88 Blue Jays Way Unit 2409 | Bisha Condos

88 Blue Jays Way Unit 2208 | Bisha Condos

87 Peter St Ph111 | 87 Peter

80 John St Unit 1503 | Festival Tower

15 Beverley St Unit 608 | 15 Degrees

11 Charlotte St Unit 2407 | 11 Charlotte

8 Charlotte St Unit 1806 | 8 Charlotte

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Million Dollar Listings | King West

Toronto’s King West offers some of the coolest Million Dollar Listings in town. This is a neighbourhood by day, and a raging party at night. if that’s for you, come to King West and pick a condo to your liking.

Here are some of the best Million Dollar King West condos for sale available right now:

400 Wellington St W Unit 707 | 400 Wellington

438 King St W Unit 1313 | Charlie Condos

355 King St W Unit 5107 | Blue Condos

95 Bathurst St Unit 1405 | 650 King

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East Side & West Side

Toronto’s East Side and West side (outside of the downtown) offer fantastic living arrangements are a discount over downtown’s core or Yorkville. That means, that for a million bucks here, you get more space, perhaps a terrace, higher floor, etc. Your money goes further here.

For some, it’s perfect. If you are looking for a large space and need not be in the core, look here. Lets review a few properties available:

530 Indian Grove Unit 107

  • $1,200,000
  • https://yossi.searchrealty.co/homes/on/toronto-w02/trebvowresaw4467295/530-indian-grve-unit-107-toronto-w02-on-m6p2j2

485 Logan Ave Unit 312 | Elevate Condos

297 College St Unit 1602

285 Mutual St Unit 2302 | Radio City Condos

233 Carlaw Ave Unit 704 | Garment Factory

43 Hanna Ave Unit 608 | Toy Factory Lofts

5 Hanna Ave Unit 739

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Summary: Million Dollar Listings

We hope you enjoyed this article, we put great care and effort to make it as viable as possible. Which properties are your favourites? Have you seen any of them?

Remember, the listings exist at time of posting. If you do not see the listing, it is either sold or off the market. To find more Toronto condos for sale, click here, or contact Yossi with your specific needs.

That’s all for today!


Yossi Kaplan is a Toronto Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Agent and a Real Estate investor. Call Yossi with any question regarding investing in and selling your Toronto Real Estate.

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